Project MMO Case Study: Site Sold

Finally, the site is sold. Although it didn’t bring in as much as was expected, it still brought in a nice chunk of money. This money was enough to cover the development cost and gave me my hard-earned profit.

Hey, don’t leave just yet! This is not any boring case study update you’ll read today. Keep reading, and I’ll reveal some juicy details about my business plan for in the future!

Project MMO Case Study Site Sold

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The Summary

First, I have to say that this project was not an easy one, but it was a fun journey. In the first Project MMO update, my vision was to develop the site, gain traffic, and monetize from it ASAP. My goal was $200 – $500 per month before I could think about selling it for profit.

However, I quickly wrote another Project MMO update saying I had decided to sell the site instead. It was just about three months in, and I felt I could resonate better if I pursued something new.

Then, in the third update, you could see some site improvements, including a higher DA and more traffic, and Pinterest also started to appear as a source of traffic. I published five more articles on that side, making it a listing with 30 well-researched, SEO-optimized blog posts waiting for its new owner!

It took the site another three months -ish to get to its selling price, but eventually, I got a nice offer and sold the website. From that moment, everything went as smoothly as you can expect. My VA helped me with the whole process while I was busy with my office job. You know, it’s spring now, and the travel industry is finally starting to recover!

The Results

Ultimately, I sold the website for a little over $1,400. Of course, I had to pay some costs, such as domain renewal, listing fee, Escrow fee, brokerage fee, and other expenses related to the sale.

Though, I have to say that the market value was much higher since it had a good DA and more organic traffic than ever before. The buyer had an exciting business plan she pursued on the site and must have found my listing to her liking.

Overall, I think it was a great experience, even though I didn’t reach the goal of making $200-$500 per month before selling.

On top of that, I feel like this case study is only one step closer to success as an internet entrepreneur. I definitely learned a lot from this experience and am now using what I’ve learned to create other projects that can scale up quickly.

The Grand Reveal

TL;DR: I’m about to sell The site has a DA of 6, many backlinks from and other sites I sold throughout the years, and recently, organic traffic from Google and Pinterest.

Email me if you want to acquire the site, and we can discuss it!

Update in Feb. 2024: No, I’m not selling it anymore. The universe just had yet another plan for me!

So, the idea of selling this very site dated back to one or two weeks ago (early April) when I accidentally found out that there was a site named . Although the site no longer existed (well, it does now), I got an excellent idea.

Another update here: She Flips Websites is actually for sale now with a very affordable price. Drop me an email at if you’re interested!

In fact, I could immediately resonate with the domain — I mean, I’m a woman, and I flip websites for a living. It felt so inspiring and also, I must admit, a bit intimidating.

So, after pondering for several days on what kind of business plan I could use to make the most out of this domain name, I finally came up with the idea of selling That’s because, in the end, I figured that would be a much better name, and it also made more sense when I thought about potential buyers who might find the site interesting.

And then, something interesting happened. I found an expired domain with a DA of 8,, from a site selling expired domains. I quickly snatched that domain, set up a WordPress site, and now I have a niche blog dedicated to… niche blogs!

Yes, you’re reading another update: Niche Blog Pro is under development and will be ready for sale soon. Interested in this site? Drop me a line & we’ll talk more!

Within the next few weeks, my VA will help transfer part of the content from this site to and start SEO work on the new site. Other blog posts, mostly case studies, will go to

I’m taking my time on this project, so I don’t expect it to launch before mid-July or later this year. In the meantime, I’ll be listing many starter sites for sale here. All will come with authentic content with proper keyword research that will get you ranking quickly.

And that’s it! I hope this case study will inspire you to act and build something for yourself. Who knows? Maybe it will eventually lead to the sale of a website or two!

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