Established niche blog about micro blogging, covering topics such as blog topic ideas, blog post ideas, how to start a niche blog, AI-blogging, and so much more.

  • Type: Established site
  • Niche: Blogging
  • DA: 8
  • Asking price: $3,000

About the Site is a well-established blog focused on micro-blogging. The site covers various topics related to blogging and jobs in the digital industry, such as VA, blog manager, and content creator.

It also features helpful articles for bloggers in the time of AI-blogging, including tips on how to incorporate AI into their blogs and stay ahead of trends. The site’s primary audience is new bloggers looking for inspiration and guidance in starting a successful blog.

About the Content

The AI-assisted content on is a perfect complement to the traditional blog content. While the keyword research is done manually, the AI-assisted writing helps to generate fresh ideas and produce high-quality content faster. This ensures that the site stays up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging and provides valuable insights for its readers.

The blog topic ideas range from general topics such as “How to Set Up a Blog with Bluehost” to more specific niche topics like “Things I’ve Learned after 3 Years Travel Blogging” for travel bloggers.

This diverse range of topics attracts a wide audience and allows the site to cater to multiple niches within the blogging industry, not only focusing on one specific topic. And with AI-blogging becoming more prevalent, the site is at the forefront of this trend, providing helpful resources for bloggers looking to incorporate AI into their content creation process.


The site is monetized with affiliate and ads from Ezoic. This allows the site to generate income while still providing valuable content for its readers.

From Nov 2022 to Dec 2023, this niche blog has earned roughly $750 from ads and different affiliate sources (approx. $62 monthly) including Bluehost, Jasper, and smaller programs.

As the blog continues to grow and attract more traffic, the monetization strategy will also expand to include sponsored content and other forms of partnerships with brands and companies within the blogging industry.

What Is Included in This Sale?

  1. The domain – DA 8
  2. All website files and database (Platform:
  3. Website files, source code, and content
  4. Legal pages are included (Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions)
  5. Kadence Pro theme from Hearten Made

Please note: Hosting plan is NOT included.

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